Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers: What Prospective Clients Want to Know

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The team was recently discussing a few upcoming demos we’ve got planned, and the questions we’d likely address. There’s a common thread among clients, our team noted, and with good reason: our service and delivery model is different from any other clients have known in the past or those they’ve come across more recently.

We’ve collected these insights, provided high-level responses and compiled into a quick list:

1. Will I need to re-platform?

No: With viax, there is no need to re-platform.

The viax cloud was built using modular architecture—commerce and OMS building blocks that natively integrate with each other, and importantly, seamlessly integrate with your existing system. This means you only implement what you want, when you want, so no complete re-platforming is required. [We sometimes hear an audible sigh of relief at that realization alone.] In addition, with a full array of the latest modules and microservices that span the complex needs of enterprise commerce services for your B2B or D2C business, you’re always receiving cutting-edge solutions to support your business’ continued growth — and of course that is included in your subscription.

2. ‘Headless’ is a new buzz word in enterprise commerce. How is viax' headless enterprise commerce different?

Headless commerce is indeed a hot topic in the industry, but for viax, it’s certainly not a new concept: It’s fundamental to our core ecosystem.

Headless commerce refers to a process of decoupling your front-end commerce delivery (your “head”) from the back-end engine, thereby allowing businesses to customize and develop more customer-centric experiences on the front end. And it’s how we built our single-cloud platform.

You might have heard of the headless concept introduced within the B2C space, but what viax offers is unprecedented in the more complex B2B and D2C space. Not only do we have the sophistication to meet the challenges of global businesses, but viax solutions and tools span both commerce and critical business functions—from Billing and Subscription, CRM and CPQ, to Inventory, Lifecycle Management and Pricing to Inventory, to name just a few. Unlike other "headless" platforms that provide limited customization, viax modules provide an array of customization possibilities, such as configuration, no-code admin interfaces, and server-less architecture for custom code which is supported by several popular languages. This means that our headless cloud not only supports the needs of your enterprise-level requirements, but also isolates those changes to our engine, providing a consistent experience across your interfaces.You can read more about the features of our headless commerce in one of our recent blogs.

3. So, I can retain design control of our front end?

Absolutely and we have several resources to help you do this. In fact, this highlights one of the critical differentiators, and arguably one of the most compelling features of viax, according to our clients: our fully exposed API.

At the root of our headless approach is our API-driven architecture, with fully exposed, unmetered usage on our APIs.

Our exposed APIs are an intentional and strategic design to allow our clients to develop intuitive and consistent user experiences for their customers in the technologies of their choice. It is a hallmark of the viax approach and what makes us unique. For those desiring to extend our APIs to add custom attributes or build their own APIs, this is achieved quickly and in a single process, with no client downtime. As an added resource, viax also provides a library of JavaScript components, to expedite rapid development and prototyping. These resources make our headless approach highly desirable for clients, because it allows customization of their front ends across their platforms, while not being stifled or defined by formal templates driven by back-end engines.

4. Can we retain extensibility while embracing no-code efficiency?

With our no-code interfaces, the viax cloud significantly reduces the amount of  code you have to write to grow your business.

iStock-1140338911The no-code movement (sometimes known as the citizen development) is another change that is sweeping the tech world, but for viax, this is nothing new. The viax cloud is built based on requirements experienced in the enterprise space, providing a comprehensive solution that reduces the amount of coding needed, and in many cases, to none at all.

One interface we point to when sharing this with clients is our product configurator, in which users can create or manage models and their rules through a graphical interface without the need for technical skills. With our no-code interfaces like this one, you can avoid unnecessary custom code to be written and the expertise and time it would take. This also means you can use existing in-house support instead of relying on specialized contractors. In the few places that do require custom code, you can use our serverless architecture which supports multiple popular languages.

5. How does viax structure it's pricing? What can I get with a viax subscription?

By the end of a demo or meeting, clients are understandably curious about subscription options. Here’s another way viax is different: We don’t parcel out services according to specific packages or number of users; every client has full access to everything on viax’ platform.

What does this include? Our all-inclusive subscriptions provide users with our full suite of solutions and support—all transparent and with a pre-set annual price, so there are no consumption-based limitations or surprise fees.

All subscriptions include access to:

  •   a fully managed cloud, including Dev, QA and Production
  •   full modules, with full API access to all modules and microservices
  •   auto-scaling architecture
  •   serverless architecture for custom code
  •   AI Insights and Analytics
  •   monitoring
  •   unlimited integration, unlimited users and unlimited data storage
  •   premier security, and more

We also offer a Scaled Enterprise option for clients needing isolated private databases and special scaling needs.

As a cloud-based PaaS, there is no costly infrastructure to maintain or upgrade, drastically improving your user experience and your bottom line. viax releases often, and incurs no downtime or service interruptions to you or your customers, resulting in reliability and dependability all around.

What about you: What are you most curious about? Send me your pressing questions or reach out to Stan Norgalis, Head of New Business Development at viax, and we’ll make sure you get answers. And sign up to receive our latest blog posts so you’ll be able to stay up with the latest musings from the rest of the viax team. 

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