viax's Cloud Platform Optimizes Reliability, Reduces Resource Contention

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While we aren't alone in creating a cloud-based platform-as-a-service (PaaS), we’re convinced that the design of viax's cloud offers enterprise commerce clients the very best in reliability, performance and security. A glimpse into the blueprint of viax’s proprietary architecture and service model, and you’ll know why we’re so confident of this.

Multitenant, Single-Platform Cloud

The key to viax’s superior service and reliability is its multitenant, single-platform cloud, offering clusters of modules and microservices for efficiency within its cloud, while isolating and securing areas that could typically cause resource contention.

viax's Cloud: Scaled, Robust and Isolates Areas Typically Causing Performance Issues

viax's Cloud Cluster

Cluster Architecture Ensures Continuous Availability

First, let’s dive deeper into what makes our cluster architecture so reliable. Clusters are collections of servers — the building blocks of modules and microservices — that run together so that they can be viewed as a single system. The use of this cluster architecture within the single viax platform adds significant reliability in that the platform is automatically self-balancing; if any one server were to go down in functionality, another server within that cluster is automatically triggered to accept the load of that server. Each cluster uses automated, up-and-down scaling based on the current application activity and load.

In addition, viax’s cloud architecture can respond without requiring manual interactions from clients’ DevOps team; they never need to upgrade anything because, as a single platform, viax performs all monitoring and updating. This self-balancing function and the microservice redundancy provides clients with the ultimate benefit of system reliability and continuous availability, resulting in no client downtime and no service interruptions, ever.

Scalable and Custom Containers

viax’s cloud cluster is grounded in an open-source system and utilizes container-based, highly scalable infrastructure. Containers are standard units of software that package up code and all of its dependencies.

Every client receives its own container for custom code, isolated outside of the viax platform to reduce any potential resource contentions. Clients are also able to write custom code in their language of choice, as viax supports a vast and growing number of programming languages. Containers also allow clients to use and customize templates much more efficiently—in hours instead of weeks, for example—because essential coding has already been created for the applications a client needs most.

Database Security and Protection

As a final resource contention design within its architecture, all databases among viax clients are private and secured. Data among Enterprise clients, who share sets of databases, are segregated, protected and secured by realms — places within the cluster that provide privacy and devoted space for that client’s unique data. Scaled Enterprise clients have their own, isolated sets of databases to remove potential contention from other customers.

Reliability. Efficiency. Security. These are just a few of the many benefits the multitenant, single-platform cloud architecture offers viax clients. For a deeper, more customized look at our architecture and how your corporation would benefit from the platform and our services, contact us for a demo today.

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