viax Brings Out-of-the-Box Innovation to Redefine Solutions Inside the Enterprise Commerce Box

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I’ve heard it said that the challenge of a market leader is to maintain its brand position, the role of a second-place contender is to try to catch up, but it’s the new kid on the block, the visionary you’ve not heard of, that bursts onto the scene and becomes the market disruptor, whose vision significantly alters the way a market or industry functions.

Let me introduce you to

one cloud, via truly integrated, modular architecture.

Thinking Out of the Box From Day One: Revolutionizing Enterprise Commerce 

From our origin viax was created to be different: a needs-based innovative solution to solve the most common pain points of monolithic systems around today. Along with a culture of innovation, the viax team brings its centuries of combined experience on enterprise B2B and D2C.

We built viax from the ground up to solve the issues we encountered working within systems of the past. 

  • Inflexible — businesses can’t get critical features to market due to cumbersome, expensive software with unpredictable delivery timelines.
  • Poor user experience— clients’ customers will buy from competitors when a task becomes difficult.
  • Deficient ecosystems— vendor systems built on decades-old monolithic  architecture, requiring complex integrations and making it impossible to efficiently support the demand of modern applications and devices.
  • The common "big bang approach" — that made time to value an unpredictable and painful process with no end in sight.

We were also frustrated that these systems required data to be input or maintained across multiple platforms, becoming so complex that clients were soon overly dependent on external resources just to navigate their own architecture.

viax set out to become agents of change, to deliver a truly headless enterprise commerce within the B2B and D2C market.

What Differentiates viax: Key Attributes

Who is viax, and what do we offer?

viax’s cloud provides businesses with holistic enterprise commerce solutions through software, architecture, operations, and support, all fully contained and integrated within a single cloud.

Our full array of commerce solutions offer real-time enterprise power, from robust Ordering with Workflow and Lifecycle Management, CPQ, Billing and Subscriptions, to extensive PIM, Pricing Engine, Inventory and ATP engines, AI/BI/ML, Security and Access Control, and CRM, among others, scaled for the demanding needs of B2B and D2C.

iStock-1162995366Not only did we build a commerce engine to be much more powerful than what is available in that market — built to handle the complexities of B2B and D2C configurations, transactions, etc. — but our system also provides enterprise-level ERP functionality, and does so well beyond a business’ traditional ERP needs. In doing so, viax goes well beyond what any would-be competitor platforms even offer. In fact, a common reaction among prospective clients is their ‘ah-ha’ moment, realizing that they never thought such a robust solution could be possible, followed by their own realizations that, with the added ERP functionality of viax, they are not just able to streamline critical commerce and ERP functions within their business, but also able to eliminate unnecessary or redundant platforms.

viax’s modular building block architecture natively integrates with each other and seamlessly with other platforms, so there is no need to re-platform, and clients can adapt with lower cost of entry.

viax, a natively headless commerce cloud, comes with unlimited access to its API, and a full library of Javascript components, so clients are able to fully customize their front-ends with less partner reliance — a benefit of having all of our functionality exposed. Customized logic, UX and real-time data-driven insights are provided for every viax module and microservice solution used within our cloud.

Reimagining Mission-Critical Operations to Serve Global Leaders

It’s possible you might not have heard of viax before now, but word is getting around. And global leaders have taken notice. Today, viax is replacing mission-critical systems for numerous global corporations. Their needs are complex, requiring custom integrations, heavy transactions and data at an enterprise-level scale — not a system here or there as others might claim to do.

We are successfully managing these challenges, and we can successfully manage yours. What’s more, viax offers all of our services at a flat subscription price, with access to everything viax offers now and will offer in the future. This includes full access to our suite of modules, premier security, unlimited users, fully exposed API and no client downtime, ever.

Compare and see the viax difference: Some recent players have been around for a decade or two, and other legacies decades longer, but their vision hasn’t adequately grown or evolved to meet modern needs of today, much less the enterprise commerce demands of tomorrow. While others are retooling their systems to bring them up to today’s standards, we are on the ground floor implementing enterprise B2B and D2C systems for the world’s largest organizations.

If you’re tired of sinking money into yesterday’s complex commerce systems and didn’t know there was a far superior way to have your needs met, you’re not alone: Most of our clients never knew these solutions were possible; now, they wonder how they managed business without it. Let’s connect, and viax will show you, too, how we can transform your B2B or D2C enterprise commerce function, today and for the future. Seeing is believing. Let’s disrupt this market together.

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