Price Configurator Software: Considerations for CPQ Solutions

Many B2B sales leaders understand the value of a good CPQ solution. The problem is finding a CPQ solution that will meet their exact needs. These leaders know that only a CPQ solution that addresses their specific goals will deliver true value.

Unfortunately, many businesses often adopt a CPQ configurator solution because they’re impressed by the name recognition and history of a legacy provider. However, name recognition and history aren't always the best choices. They can lead to unsuccessful sales and leave a business struggling with a system that comes with growing costs and dwindling value.

The entire purpose configure price quote tools is to increase and facilitate sales, expand enablement, and create new revenue streams. Also to take into consideration how well a CPQ will empower the sales efforts and help the company create new sources of revenue.  Your CPQ should be eliminating each and every pain point that all of your business's sales teams feel.

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