Measuring Digital Transformation Success

In a recent article from McKinsey, authors Matt Fitzpatrick and Kurt Strovnik write about what to map and measuring success. While all of their points can be accomplished with viax, we chose the three directly linked to our modular architecture.

Return on Digital Investments

McKinsey recommends transforming your domains one at a time so that you can leverage multiple user cases, related data sets, and technology solutions to save time and expenses. 

Data is only useful if initiatives and workflows enable action.  Successful businesses understand this and will encourage adoption and change management — quickly and efficiently.  viax allows clients to see real ROI faster than any other platform because viax’s modular approach negates the need for big bang re-platforms which we know rarely deliver efficiency.  By breaking your digital commerce roadmap into smaller pieces means quickly bringing solutions to market, learn from them, and finally revise and adapt the roadmap accordingly.

Your Technology Budget and Plans Should Always Include Bold Initiatives

Moving away from monolithic architecture means not having complicated technology stacks that require a massive amount of resources. More importantly, it enables your team to focus on innovation rather than spending their time maintaining outdated systems. Our progressive cloud let’s viax do the maintenance while your team develops innovation that translates into a competitive advantage. Moving away from digital sameness and moving towards cutting edge innovation through viax’s modules lets your team seize digital business opportunities quickly before your competitors.

Attract, Promote, and Retain the Best Talent

Long-term success includes attracting and retaining talent. Besides providing the tools needed to excel, viax’s cloud lets your talent work on new and ambitious projects rather than letting their skills and talent grow stale. Exciting new challenges keep your team engaged, happy, and empowered.  And because viax’s tools come in all modern languages, which not only results in cost savings, but also allows your team flexibilty and ease.

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