Does viax Offer Commerce Solutions or OMS?

We’re often asked how we classify our modules: commerce solutions or OMS. The question makes sense from those who are accustomed to legacy systems used in B2B enterprise and need to put commerce solutions in a defined box. Are we a commerce product? An Order Management System (OMS)? Both?

Yes. And no.

To truly understand our modules and solutions, let me first share a broader and more holistic understanding of our approach, and how we’re different than the large, monolithic system used today.

As we see it, viax is less about either commerce or OMS and more the broader idea of the order. Everything in commerce really relates to order. The idea that viax can manage the journey for our clients — your customers’ journey — from initial contact as a sales lead in a CRM, to the review and selection of products, to configuration and pricing with CPQ and the management of the order post placement in what’s traditionally thought of as OMS.

When we’re asked the original question about classifying our solutions as either commerce solutions or OMS, it’s less about what parts fall under a specific category, and more about rethinking — reimagining if you will — what it should mean to have a solution that can fully manage your orders.

Our modules don’t fall into distinct categories because our solutions are more holistic than that, in both our approach and for our clients’. The industry currently sees an OMS as a specific tool to manage what happens with an order from the time the customer clicks buy through the fulfillment and delivery process. They think of commerce as the tools that are used to create and manage a shopping page, list/promote products and allow people to purchase these products. At viax, we’ve reframed how we think of everything.

viax is bigger than both ideas.

We’re building commerce functionality AND order management AND configure-price-quote AND a whole suite of other solutions, many of which normally have to live in our clients’ ERP systems. And, unlike the options that have been available in the past, all modules have been designed from the ground up to build on each other’s value. This not only means ease of integration but also continuity in user experience and clean, standardized data for AI purposes.

So for us, it’s less about breaking what we have down under the current definitions than it is about helping a client to grasp: What if one system was built from the ground up to do all this for us? How might my enterprise business benefit from this type of solution?

Interested in seeing how viax has a customized, holistic, enterprise commerce solution for you? Schedule a demo with us today.

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