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Forget Re-Platforming

When it comes to digital transformation many B2Bs worry about the costs and complexities associated with re-platforming. But the truth is, you don’t have to re-platform your entire ecommerce infrastructure in order to gain improved capabilities, ensure scalability and gain new customers. The answer lies in a modular and flexible architecture that allows you to incrementally add on new capabilities without having to invest in an entire overhaul of your current system. 

B2B companies are actively searching for ecommerce solutions that can help them reach their goals. By augmenting their existing platform with modular additions rather than replacing it entirely, companies are experiencing greater success and cost savings.

A modular approach enables you to build out new capabilities as needed, while still being able to rely on the same core infrastructure you already have in place. Additionally, this approach allows businesses to have more control over the timeline of upgrades and avoid costly errors that can occur when attempting to replace the entire system at once. 

While growth and staying competitive in 2023 may seem like lofty goals for B2B companies who have had to cut their budgets, with the right investments and strategic moves, it is possible to reach these goals, even with a reduced budget. 

This is why investing in the right technology that helps you gain new customers could be the key to both growth and remaining competitive in 2023. You can avoid playing catch up with competitors by investing early on innovative technologies that bring you more customers and give your company a competitive edge with customer user experience.

And don’t forget that leveraging data from your current customers can provide valuable insights into how best to interact and sell to your current customers, as well as how to reach prospective buyers.

With the viax’s modular approach, businesses can quickly adapt their processes, products, and services in order to meet changing customer needs – without having to do a full overhaul of existing systems or procedures. Businesses can take an agile, yet structured approach, to improving capabilities. And you can focus on what matters most – meeting your customer’s expectations while also becoming more efficient and cost-effective than ever before. 

We can work with you to build a business case that will give you clarity and confidence. With the help of our experienced team and our tailored approach we can create a roadmap for your specific needs.

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