viax Helps Clients Develop Truly Headless Enterprise Commerce

Headless Commerce: It’s a popular and growing concept in the B2C marketplace whereby brands decouple their front-end commerce delivery from back-end content to provide consumers with more customer-centric experiences. Appealing to many, it’s been strikingly absent from the more complex B2B and D2C spaces. What’s more, the headless concept has narrowly focused on basic commerce tools, without fully integrating with other vital business systems.

viax changes all this.

Our team of experts knew global corporations were seeking headless options to deliver multifaceted experiences across their B2B and D2C markets, and we knew how to integrate them into broader enterprise solutions – from robust Ordering with Workflow and Lifecycle Management, CPQ, Billing and Subscription, to extensive PIM, Pricing, Inventory and ATP engines, AI/BI/ML, Security and Access Control, and CRM, among others.

Simply put, viax is pioneering headless enterprise commerce & OMS: Absolutely no one else is helping B2B and D2C clients develop truly headless experiences in this way.

Because our cloud subscriptions are all-inclusive and unmetered, clients get access to everything viax offers.

Fully Exposed APIs — Access To The Same APIs We Build Our Interfaces With

At viax, headless isn’t just a layer for a selective service or two in our technology stack — it’s the core to our entire ecosystem; an entire frame of mind, if you’ll pardon the pun. The crux of our headless approach is our API-driven architecture, not a hybrid platform or stack that requires clients to use specified templates or tools, or exposing an API here or there. Fully exposed, rich APIs allow our clients to develop intuitive and consistent user experiences in the technologies of their choice with unmetered usage on our APIs. For those desiring to extend our APIs to add custom attributes or build their own APIs, this is achieved instantly, in a single process, with no downtime. We also provide our library of JavaScript components, which aid in rapid development and prototyping.

Back-end Power — Our Modules Provide An Intuitive and Consistent User Experience

Front-end exposure to our APIs isn’t viax’s only differentiator. After all, APIs are only as powerful as what they are connected to on the back-end. Our true breadth is in the power and heavy lifting of the modules and microservices of our cloud, and where our experience in the B2B and D2C markets really shine.

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