Powering the Future of Digital

There’s a wise saying that reminds us that time is money. This axiom is never more fitting than in today’s digital world.

At viax, we understand how critical it is to bring results to our clients’ business challenges as quickly and efficiently as possible. That’s why we assembled the tools to provide clients with quick-to-market enterprise commerce solutions.

Unlike legacy platforms with expensive infrastructure that can take years to roll out, our cloud-based subscriptions provide a full suite of modular commerce and OMS building blocks that integrate seamlessly with each other and with existing systems. By providing full and unrestricted access to our APIs, deploying new strategies or testing, new markets has never been more efficient. What’s more, with solutions built to work together, you have accessible data right away.

The Discovery-Driven Approach

The viax model is unmistakably a boon for clients because it gives you the ability to get solutions to market quickly. But there’s another key advantage to our approach: It allows for an incremental approach to digital transformation, and specifically, a discovery-driven approach to planning.

The concept of discovery-driven planning was first co-developed by Columbia professor Rita McGrath in the 1990s as a strategic approach to product innovation through feedback and iterative change. Proving the model timeless, it’s also the topic of a feature article in the May/June 2020 Harvard Business Review, authored by none other than McGrath herself, and co-authored by Ryan McManus, a globally recognized leader in digital business models, transformation and ecosystems.

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