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Online Shoppers Are Not All Alike: viax Revolutionizes How B2B Ecommerce Does Business

f you’re like me, an average consumer and avid online shopper, you might jump onto Amazon as a go-to source for fast and easy Cyber Monday shopping, pandemic necessities or maybe an impulsive lunchtime purchase of a new gadget. Many B2C online shoppers opt for quick and decisive transactions and are perfectly happy to make their purchases via one-click shopping.

Contrast these preferences with the more complex needs of a visitor to a B2B website – for example, a corporate buyer seeking to price a fleet of equipment on an ecommerce site of a manufacturing corporation. How might his expectations differ from a B2C shopper? How might her priorities for decision-making affect the purchasing process? While the end goals are the same — delivering a product and satisfying the online purchaser — the approach of B2C and B2B customers is often different. 

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