Eight Factors to Consider When Seeking the Best Enterprise Commerce Solution for Your Corporation

At viax.io, we know that choosing your enterprise commerce platform isn’t just another business decision; it’s an investment in the reliability and future success of your business. Of course, choosing the right solution for your enterprise commerce needs should always involve a strategic assessment of many business factors.

We’ve outlined eight factors to help to evaluate key criteria your business can assess while considering your commerce platform needs:

1: Deployment Preference

How will you best meet the B2B and D2C needs of your business in a robust and cost-effective way — using large legacy systems and hardware you own, maintain and update, or through cloud-based solutions that offer platform-as-a-service (Paas) and require no client infrastructure?

2: Functionality

What business functions will your system perform? Does your system offer key tasks and seamless integration across critical functions, such as configure price quotes, customer relationship management, order management, reporting, and other functions essential to your business?

3. Flexibility

How flexible and responsive will you need your system to be, and how important is flexibility to your overall business goals? Can your platform expand and scale organically as business needs arise — with out-of-box modules or the ability to supplement your existing modules with customized coding?

4. Reliability

How critical is system continuity to your business operations? Can your workflow accommodate regular testing and updates, or do you need an enterprise commerce solution that offers upgrades and deployments with no downtime or service interruptions?

5. Number of Users

How many administrators and users will have access to your platform, and what is their depth of knowledge? Do you have substantial training resources allocated for system users, or are you seeking a platform with enhanced usability and UX design built in to minimize training time and costs?

6: Globalization

Are you a multinational company or do your enterprise commerce needs span multiple countries? Do the business functions accommodate global requirements for taxation and reporting, foreign exchange, etc.? Is your business support team experienced in global operations, languages and customs?

7: Business Size

Are you a small company, with a single location and a small employee base that could be well-served with an on-premise legacy product managing everything in-house? Or, are you a mid-sized- or larger business, with several locations and a large employee base, needing enterprise commerce solutions with scalable opportunities for growth, that might be best served with a cloud deployment and broader web access?

8. Investment

Are you more comfortable investing significant one-time funds into complex infrastructure that requires regular updating and maintenance, or allocating lesser annual fixed fees into solutions that require no client infrastructure or ongoing maintenance?

So Which is the Best Enterprise Commerce Solution for Your Business?

As you consider these and other important criteria that influence your selection of enterprise commerce solution, we at viax are available to provide additional material, competitive analyses and data to help inform your research. Contact us at info@viax.io.com or request a demo to speak with us today.

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