Digital B2B: Eliminating Dissatisfaction with a Better Solution

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, B2B enterprises stand at a crossroads of challenges and opportunities. The digital transformation wave has taken center stage, compelling companies to reevaluate their strategies and approaches to business. Amid this transformation, a pertinent issue has come to light – the satisfaction level of B2B businesses with their digital business technology.

According to recent research conducted by industry leaders, more than 65% of B2B businesses have expressed dissatisfaction with their current  technology. This revelation sheds light on the critical need for robust and tailored solutions  that meet the unique requirements of the B2B sector.


The Complex Landscape of Digital Business

B2B operations have traditionally been marked by intricate webs of processes, relationships, and transactions. As the business world becomes increasingly digitized, B2B buyers are demanding more streamlined experiences that mirror the simplicity of their B2C interactions. However, the nuances of B2B commerce, such as complex pricing structures, personalized catalogs, and intricate order workflows, make it challenging to find an off-the-shelf solution that addresses these unique demands effectively.

The Search for Satisfaction: Unveiling the Research Insights

The research, which delved into the perspectives of B2B businesses, highlighted a prevalent sense of dissatisfaction with the ecommerce technology currently at their disposal. Businesses cited a range of pain points, including limited flexibility to adapt to changing business needs, difficulties in integrating with existing systems, and the inability to provide seamless and personalized customer experiences.

Interestingly, the research also indicated a shift in priorities, with B2B businesses recognizing the significance of a tailored solution that aligns with their specific operational requirements. As digital budgets increase and businesses embrace the digital transformation wave, the demand for ecommerce technology that not only caters to the complexities of B2B transactions but also empowers growth has become more pronounced.

Revealing the Core of viax: Insights That Reshape B2B

Unity in Diversity: A Holistic Tech Stack At the heart of B2B operations lies the art of managing numerous tasks within a complex framework. It is this very challenge that viax boldly confronts with its unified tech stack. Fueled by the prowess of the 'Event-Driven' Architecture, viax deftly dismantles the silos that often plague businesses, fusing disparate processes into a harmonious tapestry of efficiency and coherence.

Seamless Journey Mapping: Enhancing Customer Interaction Navigating the intricate pathways of the customer journey has always been akin to solving a puzzle. This is precisely where viax enters the stage with its visionary 'One-Order' Design. This ingenious design constructs a seamless path from the very first interaction to the ultimate transaction, ensuring that each touchpoint resonates in perfect harmony. The result? Transparency, trust, and an enhanced customer experience.

Innovate Without Limits: The Power of Pricing In an era propelled by innovation, viax introduces a revolutionary 'all-you-can-eat' consumption model. This groundbreaking approach liberates businesses from the confines of financial constraints, providing the freedom to explore uncharted horizons without the shadow of soaring costs. The 'Fixed Price' Model further augments this landscape, fostering an environment that encourages perpetual evolution and growth.

Embracing Digital Transformation: The digital age has permeated every facet of B2B digital business, its impact evidenced by transformative statistics. An astounding 76% of B2B buyers have wholeheartedly embraced the realm of online convenience. 47% of enterprises are gearing up to allocate a 20% surge in their digital budgets for the year. This shift underscores the undeniable urgency of embracing digital readiness.

Championing Customer Experience for Triumph: Triumphant businesses invariably rest upon the cornerstone of impeccable customer experiences. Alas, subpar encounters can culminate in dwindling contract renewals and dwindling repeat purchases. An equally telling revelation surfaces, with a substantial 35% of business buyers indicating willingness to invest $500,000 or more in a single transaction. This underscores the pivotal role that exceptional customer journeys play in securing substantial deals and long-term partnerships.

Revolutionizing with Modern Architecture: In a world where archaic systems hinder progress, viax emerges as a testament to the power of modern architecture. With our sophisticated Event-Driven Architecture, viax stands apart from the outdated 'Monolith Stalwarts' and the minimalistic 'B2B-Lite' vendors. Our architecture combines strength and adaptability, paving the way for transformative growth.

The bedrock of viax's prowess lies in its 'One-Order' Approach. This philosophy elegantly disentangles the intricacies of product structures, pricing dynamics, and rules, harmonizing the entire sales ecosystem. This approach empowers businesses to cater to diverse sales channels - be it direct, channel, or self-service - all through a singular configurator. This heralds a new era of consistency, coherence, and streamlined operations.

Our comprehensive suite of capabilities, visionary architecture, and unwavering commitment to innovation position it as the solution for mastering the intricacies of B2B sales. With viax by their side, businesses are poised to transcend challenges, seize opportunities, and redefine success. Contact viax today and learn more about how viax can help your business.


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